Platform Exhibition

They came here on boats, with exquisite taste and bad manners they went forth feral and populated. Their children’s children spoke intimate nonsense shyly in shapeshifting playgrounds.


We are currently rebuilding the Studio Racket website as part of the merging process of Racket and The Contextual Villains. Partly due to this, we have started using …

CSS Awards

Paul was invited last year to become part of the international jury of The CSS Awards - and I am pleased to say I will be judging all through 2010 as-well.

Circa, the Prince

On Sunday evening we enjoyed the opening of the recently revamped Circa restaurant which we were lucky enough to do the graphic design for……website to come soon.

From Sometimes Love Beth

We had the pleasure of designing this lovely little book about the humble postcard, written by the hugely talented lady Beth Sometimes and published by Melbourne publisher Affirm Press.