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Posted By Paul

Some images of the wonderfully large A0 posters we produced for the launch of Creative Spaces.


Posted By Paul

The work of Ghostpatrol was recently featured on the ABC program Artscape -  Paper Cuts: The Art Of Ghostpatrol And Miso.  However he has also just completed a feature interview with which is really worth checking out - they have interviewed a couple of my other favourite artists in the past - Julia DeVille and Shaun Tan.  See below for a selection of Ghostpatrols work.

We also just rebuilt the Ghostpatrol website which you can read about here.


Posted By Rachel

A short film we love by Blu - “An ambiguous animation painted on public walls.”  Made in Buenos Aires and in Baden (fantoche)

Music by Andrea Martignoni

from on .


Posted By Paul

Be gone with your vectors, bezier curves, bitmaps and apps… from now on we are making all our logos with wood. Good old fashioned can’t be beat wood. Little hard to email I guess….

Because we are working on some large scale print collatoral to accompany the Creative Spaces launch this Friday - and there is nothing worse than a bad digital shadow, we decided to rebuild the Creative Spaces logo physically so as to document it in a natural setting.

100 Copies

Posted By Paul

To celebrate reaching the last 100 copies of The Present History (and a spike in traffic from Smashing Magazine) we are offering some new prices to help move the final lot.

The Present History is a 74 page case bound A5 landscape limited edition artists book. It contains the work of 25 visual, sound and text based artists and includes a cd soundtrack. It recently won Best Design for Creative Print at the 2007 Desktop Create Awards and features the work of some talented peoples such as Ian Francis, Anthony Lister and Amber Wallis.  If you have arrived here via Smashing Magazine, use the Smashing Magazine only button for a 20% discount.  Hurrah.

Creative Spaces launch.

Posted By Paul

Print invitations for the launch of the Creative Spaces website (which we also designed and built) - the website is still in development (beware: browser testing not completed… Firefox please) - but we are already gearing up for the launch party.

A pod of poets

Posted By Paul

An interface design we have just produced for an upcoming ABC Radio National project.  From the producer:  “A pod of poets” is a series of eleven, forty-minute podcasts which will be published on Radio National Online as special feature attached to the Poetica program.”

The Light Surgeons

Posted By Paul

I stumbled across The Light Surgeons the other day… I first saw these guys at a masterclass at the This Is Not Art festival in Newcastle 2002 and was instantly struck be their dedication beautiful (often complex) narrative video, most often performed live using a multitude of various projectors (super 8, digital, slide etc).

From their website:  A collective of pioneering multimedia artists founded in 1995 by creative director Christopher Thomas Allen, TLS functions as an experimental production company which seeks to develop new forms of audio visual experiments outside the established art and design institutions. TLS’ work spans many diverse mediums; print, photography, motion graphics, digital film production, exhibitions, installations and ground breaking live audio visual performances.

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Platform Exhibition

Posted By Paul

Our Own Particular Truth Install…

Posted By Paul

We have spent the last two days installing the show over at IMP in .  The install went smooth enough… but we are still knackered, the two big shows one week apart was always going to be a stretch.  But anyway, tis all up - and looks like it should.  If you are in Prahran tomorrow you are more than welcome to come to the opening and say hello (we will be the tired ones chasing our son around)…  Here are the details:

The Contextual Villains (Rachel Peachey and Paul Mosig)
IMP Gallery
25th October - 16th November
145 Greville St Prahran VIC 3181

Opening, Saturday 25th October, 2 - 4pm