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Some images of the wonderfully large A0 posters we produced for the launch of Creative Spaces.

Love your local musems

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A5 promotional card for this years ABC Radio National Regional Museums Award.

Riverland Catalogue

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Forty page A5 booklet accompanying an exhibition as part of the Engaging Visions project.  Aswell as all the layout and design we produced the aerial collage on the front and back covers.  The booklet features work from many artists aswell as numurous stunning photographs by Dean Sewell of Oculi.


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We have just completed a website for Melbourne based artist Ghostpatrol.  Built with Wordpress 2.7.1 as the CMS it also features some pretty seamless integration with Flickr (which the client uses as their image CMS) and an integrated shop for managing all art sales.  Building sites for artists in always an enjoyable process as there is so many image resources to draw from…

View the Ghostpatrol website here.

Creative Spaces launch.

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Print invitations for the launch of the Creative Spaces website (which we also designed and built) - the website is still in development (beware: browser testing not completed… Firefox please) - but we are already gearing up for the launch party.

A pod of poets

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An interface design we have just produced for an upcoming ABC Radio National project.  From the producer:  “A pod of poets” is a series of eleven, forty-minute podcasts which will be published on Radio National Online as special feature attached to the Poetica program.”


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An interface we designed for a Radio National feature program.  The project is called ‘Voyage To The Southern Ocean‘ and here is a blurb:

On 16 December 2007, the scientific research vessel the Aurora Australis embarked on a voyage to the Southern Ocean. The 75 expeditioners and crew were taking part in Australia’s contribution to International Polar Year.

Platform Exhibition

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Red Dust Travellers

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Interface design for a ABC Radio National feature Red Dust Travellers.

From the Red Dust Travellers site:

“1950 the Knox Grammar School undertook an ambitious expedition to Ayers Rock, accompanied by renowned anthropologist Charles Mountford.”

“Here, in Central Australia, you will find a wonderland of chasms and gorges and valleys that are as dramatic as anything I have seen. I wouldn’t be surprised if, one day, this becomes a great tourist centre.” Thomas Bradshaw, Alice Springs, 1899

Our Own Particular Truth

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We have a solo show coming up at IMP gallery in Prahran, Melbourne.  More details to come (as we are frantically finishing off the works) - but here is the invite produced for the show.