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Red Dust Travellers

Posted By Paul

Interface design for a ABC Radio National feature Red Dust Travellers.

From the Red Dust Travellers site:

“1950 the Knox Grammar School undertook an ambitious expedition to Ayers Rock, accompanied by renowned anthropologist Charles Mountford.”

“Here, in Central Australia, you will find a wonderland of chasms and gorges and valleys that are as dramatic as anything I have seen. I wouldn’t be surprised if, one day, this becomes a great tourist centre.” Thomas Bradshaw, Alice Springs, 1899

Himself / Herself

Posted By Paul

A couple of works we made for Art Melbourne 2008.  Vintage cloth and buttons, found paper with digital print.  Handmade frames.

A Nervous Sacrifice

Posted By Paul

Why Return

Posted By Paul

A remix of some of The Present History material for a Australian INfront project that sadly never eventuated…

Eyes See

Posted By Paul

Proper good old paper collage from a few years ago….


Posted By Rachel

The Present History (small one)

Posted By Paul

This was a series we produced for Humus Magazine and also where the title ‘The Present History‘ was first used.