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Posted By Paul

We have just completed a website for Melbourne based artist Ghostpatrol.  Built with Wordpress 2.7.1 as the CMS it also features some pretty seamless integration with Flickr (which the client uses as their image CMS) and an integrated shop for managing all art sales.  Building sites for artists in always an enjoyable process as there is so many image resources to draw from…

View the Ghostpatrol website here.

Australasian Campuses Towards Sustainability

Posted By Paul

We have just completed a re-design and complete rebuild of the ACTS website.  Having designed and built their previous website (back in 2004) we had a good understanding of both the technical and design requirements. The client was essentially happy with the original design - so it was basically just tweaked a little to modernise it a little and help it play nicely with the new content management system (a highly customised version of Wordpress 2.5.1)

Engaging Visions

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