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This Is Not Art

Posted By Paul

Very excited to be designing all the material for the 2009 This Is Not Art Festival. More soon.


Posted By Paul

Be gone with your vectors, bezier curves, bitmaps and apps… from now on we are making all our logos with wood. Good old fashioned can’t be beat wood. Little hard to email I guess….

Because we are working on some large scale print collatoral to accompany the Creative Spaces launch this Friday - and there is nothing worse than a bad digital shadow, we decided to rebuild the Creative Spaces logo physically so as to document it in a natural setting.


Posted By Paul

We were asked by Kirsten and Nick from Milkwood Permaculture to design an identity for their new enterprise.

“Milkwood Permaculture can help you gain the skills you need to live a more sustainable life. We offer a range of courses which clearly and simply explain the principles of permaculture and give you the confidence to design permanently sustainable systems which solve everyday problems with logical, positive solutions. ”

The design had to maintain a balance between their aesthetic and ideals while still being able to communicate with the wider more traditional farming community which they are situated within.

Centre for Policy Development

Posted By Paul

Warburton Youth Arts

Posted By Paul

Rachel and I travelled way to in Western Australia to visit our old friend Janet Vost you was at the time working as the Youth Art Co-ordinator. While we were there we ran a few workshops with the kids (mainly to do with how to shoot and star in your own music video) - and also re-designed the programs identity.