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Image Fulgurator

Posted By Paul

The Image Fulgurator is a device for physically manipulating photographs. It intervenes when a photo is being taken, without the photographer being able to detect anything. The manipulation is only visible on the photo afterwards.

In principle, the Fulgurator can be used anywhere where there is another camera nearby that is being used with a flash. It operates via a kind of reactive flash projection that enables an image to be projected on an object exactly at the moment when someone else is photographing it. The intervention is unobtrusive because it takes only a few milliseconds. Every photo another photographer takes of an object at which the Fulgurator is also aimed is affected by the manipulation. Hence visual information can be smuggled unnoticed into the images of others.

The Sad Little Girl

Posted By Rachel

The film started as some live video accompaniment for experimental sound art group Dragon Kite Mischief and was later compiled and edited into a stand alone piece, soundtracked by Dan Mackinlay and Tarquin Manek of DKM and Emily Rice on cello. The Sad Little Girl premiered at the This Is Not Art Festival and was also screened at Lume, The Hart Centre for Arts (Bejing) and Chang Mai University Art Museum.


Posted By Rachel

Produced during and after a visit to India. Screened at Canberra Contemporary Art Space & Lume (Melbourne)

Fluid Ink

Posted By Paul

Produced in 2002, Fluid Ink has been screened at This Is Not Art Festival, Lume, Nextwave Festival, National Museum of Australia, Straight Out Of Brisbane, Livebait Reel Life, 7th Seoul Fringe Festival South Korea, Gwangju Biennale South Korea.