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Ocular Envy

Posted By Paul

Stumbling through the interwebs I found a site called ‘Graphic-ExchanGE‘. I was surprised that neither Rachel nor I had ever come across it before, because the particular aesthetic which the sites founder Fabien Barrel admires is very very closely aligned to our own…. infact I have not spent this much time on a singular site since I first stumbled across Misprinted Type and {ths} a long long time ago. His excellence page is exactly that, a page of pure graphic excellence, covering genre’s such as Identity, interior, editorial and graphic design as well as illustration and photography - I will pull out a few particular graphics below… but I strongly recommend visiting the site and spending a healthy amount of time there.

Tolleson design





Jenny Grigg

Posted By Paul

I have always loved the (Australian) designs of Petey Carey books…. maybe because I am a huge fan of his writing, I have read all of his books over the years and therefore have been able to admire a string of gorgeous cover designs by Jenny Grigg. It is pretty hard to track down much information about her - except that she came to book cover design from designing magazines and CD sleeves… and that in 2002 “she was named young designer of the year,g winner for best designed cover of the year and co-winner for best designed literary fiction book” (quoted from