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Here Knows When

Posted By Paul

Website to coincide with independent Sydney based band Here Knows When’s new EP launch. Wordpress content management system.

Radiohead: Big Ideas (video remix)

Posted By Paul

“Radiohead held a competition a little while back for people to create remixes of their track Nude, from the In Rainbows album. James Houston, a graphic design student from England, created this ‘remix’ and video using old computer hardware.” - quoting from Jesse Mallons blog


House of Cards

Posted By Paul

Radioheads new video:

And the making of, which is almost more interesting…

Loud Is Boring

Posted By Rachel

Interface design for experimental sound art series at The Front in Canberra, Australia.

The Sad Little Girl

Posted By Rachel

The film started as some live video accompaniment for experimental sound art group Dragon Kite Mischief and was later compiled and edited into a stand alone piece, soundtracked by Dan Mackinlay and Tarquin Manek of DKM and Emily Rice on cello. The Sad Little Girl premiered at the This Is Not Art Festival and was also screened at Lume, The Hart Centre for Arts (Bejing) and Chang Mai University Art Museum.