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The Light Surgeons

Posted By Paul

I stumbled across The Light Surgeons the other day… I first saw these guys at a masterclass at the This Is Not Art festival in Newcastle 2002 and was instantly struck be their dedication beautiful (often complex) narrative video, most often performed live using a multitude of various projectors (super 8, digital, slide etc).

From their website:  A collective of pioneering multimedia artists founded in 1995 by creative director Christopher Thomas Allen, TLS functions as an experimental production company which seeks to develop new forms of audio visual experiments outside the established art and design institutions. TLS’ work spans many diverse mediums; print, photography, motion graphics, digital film production, exhibitions, installations and ground breaking live audio visual performances.

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The Present History (small one)

Posted By Paul

This was a series we produced for Humus Magazine and also where the title ‘The Present History‘ was first used.