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Our Own Particular Truth Install…

Posted By Paul

We have spent the last two days installing the show over at IMP in .  The install went smooth enough… but we are still knackered, the two big shows one week apart was always going to be a stretch.  But anyway, tis all up - and looks like it should.  If you are in Prahran tomorrow you are more than welcome to come to the opening and say hello (we will be the tired ones chasing our son around)…  Here are the details:

The Contextual Villains (Rachel Peachey and Paul Mosig)
IMP Gallery
25th October - 16th November
145 Greville St Prahran VIC 3181

Opening, Saturday 25th October, 2 - 4pm

Ghost Patrol & Miso

Posted By Paul

Nesting & Dying

Metro 5 Gallery, 1214 High Street Armadale Melbourne.
October 22nd - November 9th
Artist Q & A November 2nd, 2pm.

‘Nesting & Dying’ is a new collection of works on paper (and paper cuts) by Melbourne based artists Miso and Ghostpatrol - exhibistion & artist talk early November.

Misprinted Type v.4

Posted By Paul

You know someone is successful (or atleast busy) when their site is hopelessly out of date… teastament to the strength of Eduardo’s aesthetic is the fact the v.3 of Misprinted Type had been around for truly ages… I am pretty sure I first checked it out in 2002?  Anyway, version 4 brings a new interface with a couple of header variations, new mode of serving content and a continuation of the tremendously long scrolling page with extra illustrations and hidden goodies.

Misprinted Type v.4

Some new illustrations:

And some commercial work (taken from

Himself / Herself

Posted By Paul

A couple of works we made for Art Melbourne 2008.  Vintage cloth and buttons, found paper with digital print.  Handmade frames.

A Nervous Sacrifice

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Neil Thomas

Posted By Paul

“For the last two years I’ve been solidly working on this new project, ‘Wooden Postcards’.
This is an amalgamation of various skills and expressive of a world attitude and philosophy.

Old world because the objects are handmade using wood and paint. New world because they have a humour and reference to the now.”

Neil Thomas Art

Eyes See

Posted By Paul

Proper good old paper collage from a few years ago….

Sara Fanelli

Posted By Paul

A friend tipped me off to the work of Sara - she is a fine example of sticking to your niche aesthetic and being very successful for it. Link.


Posted By Rachel