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Red Dust Travellers

Posted By Paul

Interface design for a ABC Radio National feature Red Dust Travellers.

From the Red Dust Travellers site:

“1950 the Knox Grammar School undertook an ambitious expedition to Ayers Rock, accompanied by renowned anthropologist Charles Mountford.”

“Here, in Central Australia, you will find a wonderland of chasms and gorges and valleys that are as dramatic as anything I have seen. I wouldn’t be surprised if, one day, this becomes a great tourist centre.” Thomas Bradshaw, Alice Springs, 1899

Computer of the Future.

Posted By Paul

An abstract from one of the prints from our upcoming show ‘Our Own Particular Truth’….

Radiohead: Big Ideas (video remix)

Posted By Paul

“Radiohead held a competition a little while back for people to create remixes of their track Nude, from the In Rainbows album. James Houston, a graphic design student from England, created this ‘remix’ and video using old computer hardware.” - quoting from Jesse Mallons blog