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Posted By Paul

The work of Ghostpatrol was recently featured on the ABC program Artscape -  Paper Cuts: The Art Of Ghostpatrol And Miso.  However he has also just completed a feature interview with which is really worth checking out - they have interviewed a couple of my other favourite artists in the past - Julia DeVille and Shaun Tan.  See below for a selection of Ghostpatrols work.

We also just rebuilt the Ghostpatrol website which you can read about here.


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Be gone with your vectors, bezier curves, bitmaps and apps… from now on we are making all our logos with wood. Good old fashioned can’t be beat wood. Little hard to email I guess….

Because we are working on some large scale print collatoral to accompany the Creative Spaces launch this Friday - and there is nothing worse than a bad digital shadow, we decided to rebuild the Creative Spaces logo physically so as to document it in a natural setting.

Our Own Particular Truth

Posted By Paul

We have a solo show coming up at IMP gallery in Prahran, Melbourne.  More details to come (as we are frantically finishing off the works) - but here is the invite produced for the show.

Mr Trash

Posted By Paul

Thomas Schostok (aka has made a book - in his own words:

Mr. Trash reproduces the extravagant work of Thomas Schostok {ths}. Raw, dirty, irreverent, uncensored, Mr. Trash spares no cliche, no absurdity in bringing you what the book’s publisher called “world’s strangest ejaculation of graphic design”.

Mr Trash.

Ocular Envy

Posted By Paul

Stumbling through the interwebs I found a site called ‘Graphic-ExchanGE‘. I was surprised that neither Rachel nor I had ever come across it before, because the particular aesthetic which the sites founder Fabien Barrel admires is very very closely aligned to our own…. infact I have not spent this much time on a singular site since I first stumbled across Misprinted Type and {ths} a long long time ago. His excellence page is exactly that, a page of pure graphic excellence, covering genre’s such as Identity, interior, editorial and graphic design as well as illustration and photography - I will pull out a few particular graphics below… but I strongly recommend visiting the site and spending a healthy amount of time there.

Tolleson design





Engaging Visions Invite

Posted By Paul

An invitation to one of the exhibitions associated with the Engaging Visions project that we are doing the website and print work for.