Paul Mosig

Paul fell into a web designer job when he was quite small and through that role became interested in art and design. After a few years his focus shifted towards the potential of technology in art and so he enrolled at the Australian Center for Arts & Technology at the Australian National University. After graduating Paul worked as a senior interaction designer with the National Library of Australia for around 18 months before he left to set up Studio Racket in order to work on new and exciting projects.

Paul is the code monkey of the partnership, shares design responsibilities with Rachel and does most of the client liaison - so if you are calling Racket you will probably be speaking with him.

Working independently also gave him more time to spend on The Contextual Villains - a visual art partnership he also shares with Rachel. Over the years Paul has won several awards for his artwork and in 2006 he was named one of Australia’s top 25 artists aged 25 and under by Art & Australia magazine.

Rachel Peachey

After spending four years traveling Rachel returned to Canberra and completed a combined degree of art and science, studying textiles, digital art and human ecology at the Australian National University. She is interested in the challenge of sustainable practice, the integration of digital technologies with handmade processes and web accessibility - so if you are a starving artist or underfunded community organisation, she’s your bleeding heart.

She is the photographer of the pair, shares design responsibilities and art direction with Paul and balances the books - so if you don’t pay your invoices expect a call from her.

She also likes to make time for The Villains, especially when she’s artist in residence - at kooky international communities in Southern India, with rowdy palaeoecologists at the ANU and in a dilapidated ex rangers hut with a killer view overlooking the Yarra.