Abandoned Mansion

Posted By Paul

Just down the road from where we are working (see Laughing Waters post) is an old mud brick house… National Parks Victoria just acquired it for a multi-million dollar sum and while their primary interest was the 40 hectares or so of hills and river frontage, we are far more taken by the abandoned human habitat’s to be found on the property. It must have been quite the party house in the 60’s / 70’s, pumping water straight out of the Yarra the grounds would have been lush - grounds filled with water features, ponds, tennis court & pool, all of which is now in a glorious state of decay. We are interested in staging a few different photoshoots for an exhibition later in the year, however the photos below are just playing around… getting used to the space… You can probably tell from the images that we thought the old pool was pretty crash hot.

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